All visitors traveling to Uzbekistan, regardless of their length of stay, must obtain separate visas for Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan does not adhere to the CIS inter-governmental agreement regarding visa validity. Visa type and detail is as under: Tourist visas are issued for a maximum period of one month by the respective Uzbek Embassies against sponsorship by tourist company registered in Uzbekistan and they are not extendible. Tourist visa can only be extended at the airport till the time of next flight if the individual or group is unable to get the seat and has a confirmed seat for next flight. Business visas are issued to individuals and groups against the sponsorship from the inviting company registered in Uzbekistan. Business visa can be extended once through request from the sponsoring company. Employment visas are also issued against invitation from the employee having permission from the labor Ministry in advance. CIS visas are no more valid for 72-hours and visitor must get transit visa from nearest Uzbek Embassy before arriving in Uzbekistan. Please check your local directory for the Uzbek Embassy or consulate. Visas are also issued upon arrival at Tashkent Airport, but only through the prior arrangement of the sponsoring organization or individual. Our group firm can act as a sponsor for individuals wishing to explore business opportunities in Uzbekistan. Please contact us and we can provide visa support services to individuals and groups. It is compulsory for every foreigner to register in the respective Avir with in 72 hours of his arrival in Uzbekistan. Foreigners should always carry the documents confirming their visa and registration.

Tourist Visa: For tourist visa the visitor must apply to a tourist company having license from National Company Uzbektourism. The visitor must send required information to the tourist company to be submitted to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. The procedure takes 7-10 business days, after which the tourist company sends to the visitor his invitation copy with his telex number (confirmation-number). The visitor can obtain then his/her visa at respective Uzbek Embassies.

Business Visa: For business visa the visitor must buy the invitation from Uzbek firm interested to enter business dealing with the visitor (for USA citizens no invitation required) Uzbek consulates can issue business visas on their discretion if they find that the interested visitor has sufficient credentials.

Employment Visa: Ministry of Labor issues special employment permission and then the consulate issues Employment visa which can be extended for one year.

Visa extension: All the visas can be extended with the help of local organization.

For obtaining entry visa to Uzbekistan you must have:

• Valid passport for traveling abroad
• Filled form (the form will be given in the Embassy or Consulate of Uzbekistan)
• One 4x5 sized photo
• Visa fee
• Visa support

Then, you have to address to one of the Embassies or Consulates of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The procedure of issuing of entry visa to Uzbekistan takes 2 days. During the filling the form you will have to enter next data

• Full name
• Citizenship
• Sex
• Place and date of birth
• Passport number and validity
• Place of work and position
• Address
• Period of stay and visiting cities.

Conditions, when the entry visa not required:

• For transit passengers, waiting their flight without leaving waiting room, but the duration of stay should not exceed 24 hours.

¤ Citizens of USA, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and Japan visiting Uzbekistan as tourists the visa support is not required, multiple visas are issuing till 1 month period in two working days.

For getting visa support foreigners, who are not citizens of above mentioned countries should fill the visa support form and send it to our e-mail or fax with clear copy of passport and reference from place of work.

Consular fees for obtaining entry visa to Uzbekistan:

Single entry visa fees:
up to 7 days 40 $
up to 15 days 50 $
up to 30 days 60 $
up to 3 months 80 $
up to 6 months 120 $
up to 1 year 160 $
transit visa 160 $

* Group visas up to 15 days - 15 USD per person (group not less than 10 persons, except children under 16 y.o.)
* Group visa up to 30 days and more, 25 USD per person

Multiple entry visa:
up to 6 months 150 $
up to 1 year 250 $

Visa extension fees:
up to 24 hours 15 $
up to 30 days 50 $

Embassy and Consulate of Republic Uzbekistan in foreign countrys:

Countries Adress Tel/Fax Code
Austria 1090 Wien, Portzellangasse 32/1/5, Embassy T. 3153995
F. 3153993
Azerbaijan 437, 1st shosse, Baku, Badamdar T. 972549
F. 972548
Belgium (Holland) Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 99, 1050 Brussels,Embassy T. 6728844
F. 6723946
Great Britan 41, Holland Park W11 2 RP, London, Embassy T.2297679, 2297326
F. 2297029
Germany 62, Perleberger Strasse, Berlin T. 22679964
F. 39409862
Egypt 18, Sad El Aali St., Dokki, Cairo T. 4670899
F. 3361722
India EP40, Dr.S. Radhakrishnan Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi T. 4670774
F. 4670773
Italy 12, Via Tolmino, 00198, Rome T. 8542456
F. 8541020
Indonesia (Vietnam) Menara Malia, Suite 2401, Gatot Subroto, Kav 9-11, Jakarta, Indonesia T. 5222581, 5222635
F. 5222582
Iran 6, Nastaran, St. Tegeran, Embassy T. 2298158, 2299780
F. 2299158
Israel 4, Mate Aharon St., Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv T. 5796026
F. 5796158
Israel 4, Mate Aharon St., Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv T. 5796026
F. 5796158
China 11, Sanlitun, Beixiao gie Beijing T. 65322551
F. 65326304
Kirgizia 213, Tynystanova St., Bishkek T. 663078
F. 664403
Kazakhstan 36, Baribaeva St. Almaty, 480100, Embassy T. 610235, 618316
F. 611055, 617886
South Korea 1376-1, Soecho 2 dong, Socho-Ku, Diplomatic Center, Room 701, Seoul T. 5780576
F. 5773660
Latvia 11, Elizabeth St. 11-room, Riga, Embassy T. 7322346, 7322424
F. 7322306
Malaysia Suite 6.03, 6-th Floor, North Block, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur T. 21618100
F. 21618102
Pakistan House 6, Street 29, Sector F7/1,Islamabad, Embassy T. 2264746
F. 2261739
Russia 12, Pogorelskiy St., Moscow, Embassy T. 2300076
F. 2300479
Saudi Arabia 22, Villa Mishari bin Mikrin bin Abdul Aziz St. T. 2635223
F. 2635105
U.S.A. (Canada) 1746 N.W Washington D.C., 20036 T. 2936801/02/03
F. 2936804
Tadjikistan 15 Karl Marks St., Dushanbe T. 215945
F. 244359
Turkmenistan 50, Georgly St., Ashgabad, Embassy T. 342419
F. 342337
Turkey Willy Brant sok., No 13, Chankaya/Ankara T. 4411746
F. 4427058
Ukraine 16, Vladimirskaya St., Kiev T. 2281246
F. 2295509
France 22, Rue d'Aguesseau, 75008, Paris T. 53300355
F. 53300354
Japan 5-11-8 Shimomeguso-Meguro-Ku, Tokyo, Embassy T. 37605625
F. 37605950

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