The Surkhan Darya Region is also located in the southern part of Uzbekistan. On the South along the Amu Darya River is the state border with Afghanistan. The Amu Darya Valley from the south and the Hisar Range foothills from the North surround the flat central part of the Region The city of Termez is the centre of the Region. An ancient settlement that was populated in the times of the Greek-Bactrain rules (III-II cc. B.C.) was discovered near Termez. Among the numerous archeological and architectural sites discovered in the Termez area the Buddhist religions center Kara-Tepa with its various monuments of Buddhist culture (ruins of monasteries, frescoes, statues) is of particular importance, as well as the Fayaz-Tepa Buddhist monastery complex (I-III c.), the Kyrk-Kiz country palace (XIV-X cc.), the Hakim at-Termezi architectural complex (XI-XV cc.), the Sultan-Saodat Mausoleum complex of the Rules of Termez (XI-XVII cc.). The Sultan-Saodat and the most sacred place among the Holy sites of the Surkhan Darya Region. The balneological resort Jairan-Khana with its hot hydrogen sulphide mineral springs equals those in Macesta (the Black Sea coastal health-resort) is only 20 kilometers (13 miles) from Termez. The Uchkyzyl Reservoir features rest and recreation site with beautiful beaches, crystal-clean water and fresh air. The Khojiaran Health Centre gained popularity for its unique feature: in the depth of the salt cave treatment of allergy (asthma) and upper respiratory diseases is provided.

Historical and architectural monuments of Termez:

• Kyrk-Kiz (out-of-town Palace Country Estate)(XI th-XIV th cc.)
• Palace of Termez rulers (XI th-XII th cc.)
• Architectural Complex of Khakim at-Termezi (X th-XV th cc.)
• Architectural ensemble Sultan-Saodat (X th-XVIII th cc.)
• Kokildora Mausoleum-Khanaka (XVI th c.)
• Kara-Tepe Monastery (2-4th cc. A.D.)
• Fayaz-Tepe Monastery (1-3th cc. A.D.)
• Zurmala Tower (1-2th cc. A.D.)

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