Navoi viloyat is situated in the centre of Uzbekistan. It borders Kazakhstan in the north, Jizak viloyat in the southeast, Karakalpakstan in the west, and Bukhara, Kashkadarya and Samarkand viloyats in the south. Sands of the Qyzylqum desert cover most of its area. Climate is dry and harsh continental. The Zaravshan River flows across the viloyat.

There are many places of historical value in the viloyat. The most famous are the Great Silk Road which crossed this area in ancient and medieval times, the ancient settlements of Karmana, Rabbat Malik, Nurata, historical monuments Tashmaszhid, Chilustun, Kukgumbaz, and the mausoleums of Kassymshaikh and Orif Dekhgarani. A unique architectural landmark Kassymshaikh Azizon has been restored during the years of national independence and was transformed into a state museum Ensemble Kassymsheikh.

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