The flora of Uzbekistan number about 3700 types of natural growth. It has much in common with the flora of Western Asia, in particularly, with flora of Iran. The diverse relief of the republic creates favorable conditions for a whole variety of vegetation. Relict woods of the mountain forests are represented by walnut, plane trees and persimmon. There are about 320 kinds of flowering plants in the sand deserts, over a half of which endemic. Tugai forests hold a special place in the river ecosystems.Species diversity is a peculiar feature of Uzbekistan"s fauna, where ninety seven kinds of mammals belonging to six classes can be found. Among them are insect-eaters, chiropters; hares; rodents; carnivorous and hoofed animals. The most valuable of hoofed animals are spiral-horned ibex, antelope, and the Bukhara deer, all protected by the government. There are 379 kinds of birds, 59 kinds of reptiles: tortoises, lizards and 18 kinds of snakes; 69 kinds of fish. A great number of species are under the threat of extinction. The number of Bukhara deers has gone down to several hundred, including the ones inhabiting the nature reserves.

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