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Chimgan is one of the most unusual mountain-skiing resorts in the world which combines the local colouring with European service. Chimgan is a mountain skiing resort.

80 km from Tashkent in the spurs of the Chatkhal Ridge at the height of 1,600 m there's a large tourist mountain skiing complex Chimgan. Chimgan is a 'green slope', a wonderful place for mountain skiing, traveling and rest. As soon as a tsarist governor-general built his house in the place at the end of the 19 century, all high society got country houses there and later on there appeared sanatoriums in those magnificent places.

The road from Tashkent to Chimgan runs along the Chirchik River and passes the town of Hojakent which is famous for ancient bronze engraving, chaikhanas and woods of juniper.The mountain skiing season is not long here- at the end of March it becomes difficult to descend because of sticky and wet snow. Ski routes are 1,500 and 800 m long and there are plenty of 300-500 -metre slopes for beginners equipped with a 800-metre cable-car ride, 2 long and dozens of short rope tows.

Head CHIMGAN: 3309 m.
Lenth of the cable-car rides: 800 m.
Overfall of height: 385 m.
Length of the rope tows: 570 m.
Overfall of height: 250 m

The hotel is designed for 700 people, there's a large rental agency of skis and sledges. In winter people from Uzbekistan and foreign tourists come here because the snow here is considered to be the most slippery. There's a restaurant, bar, disco, billiards, tennis, sauna.


Recovery Centre "Chimgan Oromgohi"
The hotel for 700 people (9 floors) has restaurants, cafes, disco bars, and billiard. Table tennis, sauna, etc.

The first administrative floor includes a reception, a mini bar, a counting-house, the ATS, a militia station, a playing hall (tennis, billiard, a shooting gallery). Above the playing hall on the second floor there's a restaurant, above it on the third floor there's a cinema hall. On the ground floor there's a storehouse for skis, sauna, a disco hall. Rope-ways are situated 100 metres away from the hotel.

There are 9 cozy cottages. It is a typical country house: a hall with soft furniture, a TV-set (2 programs-ORT and RTR), 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom combined with a toilet. In the kitchen there is a table, 4 chairs, an electric kettle, the necessary crockery. The cottage is designed for 4 people. A fifth person can be placed in the hall if it is agreed.

The Tract of Beldersay
Four kilometers from Chimgan (to Tashkent) at the height of 1,500 m in the tract of Beldersay there was built a sport mountain skiing centre in 2000. Snow keeps here longer than in Chimgan (November-May). This is a route for experienced mountain skiers…

Mountain Kumbel:
Height of the summit: 2880 meters
Route length: 3020 meters
Overfall of height: 765 meters
Average angle of the route: 27 degrees
Maximum angle: 52.1 degrees
Length of the cable-car rides: 2500 meters
Overfall of height: 565 meters
Length of the rope tows: 700 meters
Overfall of height: 200 meters

Routes of the Beldersay complex
The route for super giant and special slalom is officially registered in the FIS (the International Federation of Skiers). The route is equipped with cable-car rides and up there, there is a rope tow "Doppelmaer", that gets tourists to the mark 2,350m of Kumbel. The route has vast territories for skiing and is referred to 'Black' (difficult) routes.

There are up to 20% discounts for a group (if the route is used frequently). A wild descending (virgin snow) can be organized (5-8 km, from the helicopter).

Hotel "Beldersoy Oromgohi"
It is a four-storeyed building that was finished in 2000. Rooms for two and 'de luxe' rooms are designed in modern style. The sunny mountains of Uzbekistan are waiting for you!

In Beldersay cottages for 4 and 6 people are designed in European style. They are new, clean, comfortable houses with all facilities. One can book passes to Beldersay.

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Not included: Visa, insurance, international flights

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