Kokand is one of the oldest towns in Uzbekistan. It was founded in the tenth century. In 18th-19th centuries it became the capital of the Kokand Khanate and began playing an important role in the history of the area. The population is 182000 (1994). The khan's palace of Urda Khudavrakhan is one of the trappings in Kokand. Its front side is decorated with intricate glazed tiles.

The interior of the palace impresses one with luxurious decorations where the form of joist plafonds organically matches carved doors and trellises, carved plaster of Paris panels and colourful mural. Kokand's principal mosque, the Djuma Mosque is famous for its skilfully painted ceilings, distinguished for their resplendent colourful palette and the great variety of ornamental decorations. Today Kokand is the largest railway hub of the Ferghana Valley. The Kokand Plant of Electrical Equipment is considered one the largest enterprises. Kokand has a branch of the Ferghana Polytechnic. The traditional school of copper chasing, pottery and embroidery exists there. The airport is under operation.

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