Kashkadarya viloyat is situated in south-western Uzbekistan, embracing the Kashkadarya basin and the western portion of the Pamir-Alai mountain range. It borders Samarkand viloyat in the north, Bukhara and Nawoyi viloyats in the west and northwest, Surkhandarya viloyat in the southeast and Turkmenistan in the south and southwest.

The terrain is diverse and includes very high elevations covered with eternal snow and alpine meadows with rich plant and animal life. The area has a harsh continental climate. Water bodies cover a total of 34.3 sq. km.

There are 253 architectural monuments and over 900 archaeological sites; most of them are protected by the state.

The most important architectural landmarks are Oksaroi palace in Shakhrisyabz (residence of Amir Temur), the architectural ensembles of Doruttilovat and Dorussodat, Kukgumbaz mosque, the tomb of Shamsiddin Kulyal and the Chor-Su medieval bath. The ancient city of Nasaf (present - d ay Karshi) was home to many prominent Muslim scholars, thinkers, poets, architects and artists, including Na j m iddin Nasafi, Abulmu i bin Nasafi, Abu Makhkul an--Nasafi, Aziziddin Nasafi, Say id Nasafi, among others. The region is famous for its applied arts such as embroidery, weaving using gold threads, carpet weaving, and the jeweller's and copper-smith's arts.

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