Travel Guide for Uzbekistan

Dear Traveler, This page is nothing else but an attempt to achieve one single goal: make you realize that traveling to Uzbekistan, a country worthy to see and pleasant to travel, is what you always wanted to do. As soon as you make up your mind all you need to know can be found on this Website.

Uzbekistan is a country with a rather liberal visa system. Foreigners are charged relatively small amounts for all types of visas as compared with all neighboring countries, and they enjoy full freedom of mobility when in the country.(FMI see Visas). Recent changes in the visa regime have made it possible for some traveling nationals to obtain visas using a simplified procedure.

Uzbekistan, being a newly independent country, has a rapidly developing tourism sector. A key part of it is the network of hotels ranging from sumptuous five and four-star chain hotels, such as Intercontinental and Sheraton, to small scale family-run businesses which easily compete with the luxurious giants by applying best traditions of Uzbek hospitality and personal attention to client's needs. The number of small-sized hotels, B&Bs and guest-houses is growing fast, which offers picky travelers a good opportunity to choose the best service vs. price combination. (FMI see Hotels)

At first glance, Uzbek food is a serious challenge to people who are used to dietary nutrition. Millennia of nomadic traditions have resulted in the heavy presence of meat and fat in the meals. Nevertheless, travelers with properly formulated food preferences may find a rich variety of dietary products, including dairy and fruit, which are delicious and contain no chemicals. Abundance of fruit and vegetables and their incomparable taste has always been the pride of Uzbeks. Those who are sick of tasteless supermarket strawberries, apples, etc., should try them in Uzbekistan just to know what the genuine taste should be.
Restaurants in Uzbekistan offer dishes of three main cuisines: Uzbek traditional cuisine, Russian and European. Other national cuisines are present as well, such as the Chinese, Turkish, Georgian, Korean and Indian.

Uzbek Airways is the key carrier used by travelers to arrive in Uzbekistan. It is known for the good quality of service and flight safety. Also, a number of foreign airlines is present in the market. In general, people use vehicles when traveling inside the country. Nevertheless, Uzbek Airlines run domestic flights too, which are quite precise and efficient. As far as tourists are concerned, comfortable air-conditioned coaches and mini-buses are used most. Paragliding, rafting and camel riding are options as well.

Uzbekistan is one of few countries of the former Soviet Union where low crime is an indisputable fact. The strong Government has made the issue of security a top priority: effective law enforcement and the general obedience to law by citizens have resulted in safety and peace. Though neighboring Afghanistan is still suffering consequences of war, Uzbekistan has been able to protect itself from the terrorism threats at all times, even before terrorists' strikes in America, when the Taliban Movement was on the peak of its power. Our country has always been on alert. It is much safer to travel in Uzbekistan these days than in many world's famous tourist destinations.

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