The viloyat is situated in the east of the country. It borders Kazakhstan in the north, and Tashkent viloyat in the east, Tajikistan in the south and Jizak viloyat in the southwest.

The climate is dry and harsh continental. Summer temperatures reach 43-45 oC. Winters are usually warm, but summers are dry and sultry.

Cotton and corn growing dominate the viloyat's economy. Currently there are 4,324 farms, 50 shirkat units and 57 associations of farmers (dekhans).

Pumping installations and irrigation systems have been built in order to control soil salinity.

Cattle fodder, fruit and vegetables, potatoes, rice and corn are grown there, in addition to cotton and wheat. It is planned to upgrade the cotton-processing industry, double agricultural production, and build plants to produce spirits and canned products. Cattle breeding is developing quite successfully.

The following goals have been set for agribusiness: increasing productivity and revenue on the basis of benefits given, privatising farmland and providing easy access to the means of production, markets and services.

Key measures include the development of private farms, improvement of soil quality, upgrading the process of selecting and growing seeds, facilitating access to the means of production and updating water resources management.

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