Destinations:Tashkent - Samarkand - Nurata- Yangikazgan -Kulumbet- Sarykuduk well- Sugur well- Aidarkul lake - Bukhara - Urgench (Khiva)- Tashkent
Duration: 12 nights/ 13 days


Days Destinations ITINERARY
Day 1 Tashkent Arrival in Tashkent airport. Meet at the airport. Transfer to the hotel.
Overnight in Tashkent
Day 2 Tashkent Samarkand Breakfast.
Morning sightseeing in Tashkent: Barak-Khan and Kaffal-Shashi mausoleums (16th
century), Friday Mosque.
Transfer to Samarkand.
Lunch en route
Dinner. Overnight in Samarkand
Day 3 Samarkand Breakfast
Morning sightseeing in Samarkand: : Gur-Emir Mausoleum (15th century), Registan
Ensemble (including Ulugbek Madrassah (15th century), Shir Dor and Tillya-Kari
Madrassahs (17th century))
Ulugbek observatory (15th century), Shah-i-Zinda necropolis (14-15th centuries), Bibi
Khanum Mosque (15th century), local bazaar Ulugbek observatory (15th century),
Dinner. Overnight in Samarkand
Day 4 Samarkand- Nurata-Yangikazgan Breakfast
Transfer to Yangikazgan. (110 km westward to Karmana town and then 75 km to the
north, to Nurata town. )
On arrival to Nurata sightseeing tour: ruins of Graeco-Bactrian castle , Namazgokh
Mosque (15th century), holy spring ‘Chashma”.
Lunch in Nurata (lunchbox).
Transfer to Yangikazgan village. Here, cross-country vehicles stocked with
everything necessary for safari, wait ready to take tourists to the ‘Camel’ camping
(6km) On arrival to the camping accommodation in national Kazakh yurts.
After being instructed by the local camel guide on camel riding techniques,
tourists will have an opportunity to get some practical skills in camel riding.
Two humped specially trained camels are used for crossing the Kyzyl-Kum desert.
Dinner round campfire.
Overnight in the yurts –Kazakh half-round collapsible tent made of felt mats.
Day 5 Yangikazgan – Kulumbet village Breakfast
Camel trekking to local shepherds village Kulumbet (18 km)
Lunch en route ( lunchboxes)
On arrival to the village setting up the camp.
Dinner round the campfire. Overnight in the tents.
Day 6 Kulumbet village – Sarykuduk well Breakfast
Camel trekking to Sarykuduk well (20 km)
Lunch en route (lunchbox)
On arrival to the well a camp will be made for the night.
Dinner. Overnight in the tents.
Day 7 Sarykuduk well – Sugur well Breakfast
Camel trekking to Sugar well (20 km).
Lunch en route (lunchbox)
Leaving the camels in the camp which is to be set up near the well, tourists can
walk to the nearby shepherds’ settlement Dongalyak to get acquainted with the life of
local people.
Dinner round campfire. Overnight in the tents.
Day 8 Sugur well – Aidarkul lake Breakfast.
Camel trekking to the lake Aidarkul (20 km).
Lunch on route (lunchbox)
After a long and a bit tiresome camel trekking tourists can swim in fresh water of the
lake, or to fish ( catfish, sazan, pike)
Dinner. Overnight in the tents.
Day 9 Aidarkul- Bukhara
Transfer to Bukhara. Accommodation in the hotel.
Afternoon sightseeing in Bukhara: Ismael Samani mausoleum (9th-10th centuries)
Chashma-Ayub Mausoleums (14th century), Registan Ensemble, Ark Fortress (16th
century) and Bolo-Hauz complex (18th century).
Dinner. Overnight in Bukhara
Day 10 Bukhara
Morning sightseeing : Poi-Kalon ensemble including Minaret (12th century), Mosque (15th century), functioning Madrassah Miri-Arab (16th century), Amir-Alim-Khan Madrassah (14th century), Taqi (trading domes), Kukeldash Madrassah (16th century)
Afternoon sightseeing: Lyab-i-Hauz (17th century), Nadir Divanbegi (17th century), Magoki Attari (16th century), Ulugbek Madrassah (15th century), Abdul Aziz Madrassah ( 17th century), Chor Minor
National dinner with folklore show
Overnight in Bukhara
Day 11 Bukhara – Urgench Breakfast.
Transfer to Urgench (Khiva).
Lunch en route
Arrival in Urgench (Khiva). Accommodation at the hotel.
Dinner. Overnight in Urgench
Day 12 Urgench -
Khiva - Urgench
Morning sightseeing in Khiva: Kunya-Ark fortress, including Kurinish Khana (17th century); Mohammed-Amin-Khan Madrassah (19th century), Islam Khodja Minaret; Palvan-Kari complex, Abd Al Bobo complex (18th century), Rafanek Madrassah, Mohammed Rakim Khan (19th century), Amir-Tur Madrassah, Sho-I-Kalandar Bobo Mausoleum.
Afternoon sightseeing in Khiva: Uch Avlioli Mausoleum, Jami Mosque (18th century), Kutluq-Murad Inaq Madrassah (19th century), Pakhlavan Mahmoud Mausoleum, Tash Hauli Palace, Alla-Kuli-Khan (18th century), Arab Mohammed Khan Madrassah (18th century).
Transfer to the airport. Flight to Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent Accommodation.
Dinner. Overnight in Tashkent.
Day 13 Tashkent
Breakfast. Transfer to airport
Flight home

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